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Old dudes eating watermelon. Essex St, 1971.


Old dudes eating watermelon. Essex St, 1971.

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"The Bridesmaid"  from Secret Romance #15 (1971) by Charlton Comics


"The Bridesmaid"  from Secret Romance #15 (1971) by Charlton Comics

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1932, Chinese-American pilots Hazel Ying Lee and Virginia Wong (via You May Not Know About The First Chinese Americans, But You Should)


1932, Chinese-American pilots Hazel Ying Lee and Virginia Wong (via You May Not Know About The First Chinese Americans, But You Should)

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808s and <3breaks (BREAKUPS VOLUME 2)


SIDE A (Alex’s side, feat. audio from All The Real Girls)

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do—Cookie and the Cupcakes/Pull My Heart Away—Alex Winston (Jack Penate cover)/Blood on the Leaves—Kanye West/Game of Pricks (Alien Lanes version)—Guided by Voices/When I’m Gone (Cups)—Anna Kendrick

1. Game of Pricks (Tigerbomb version)—Guided by Voices
2. Malk It—Snowing
3. Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work—Solange
4. Tammy’s Song (Her Evils)—Kendrick Lamar
5. Hold My Liquor—Kanye West feat. Chief Keef and Justin Vernon
6. Mosquito Repellant—The Mountain Goats (with Kaki King)
7. Slugger—Olive Drab
8. Ex-Girl Selection (original recording)—The Wrens
9. Ballad—Hightide Hotel
10. Lately—Jim Bryson
11. Never Going Back Again—Fleetwood Mac
12. 14 Days— Life Without Buildings
13. Heartstrings—Martin
14. Alison—Slowdive
15. You’re Going Back—The Tallest Man On Earth

SIDE B (James’ side,)

 ft. silent bob’s speech from ‘chasing amy’:

"so far away" - carol king
"blind pilots" - cooper temple clause
"stay loose" - belle and sebastian
"let’s talk about spaceships" - say hi to your mom (now called just ‘say hi’ or something else not as cool)
"it’s my own cheating heart that makes me cry" - glasvegas
"love will tear us apart" - joy division
"breakin’ up" - rilo kiley
"somebody loved me" - reel big fish
"D minor" - nightmare of you
"want it back" - amanda palmer and the grand theft orchestra
"i’m glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star" - the boy least likely to
"our song (acoustic, live)" - radiator hospital

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Fat people that make others feel uncomfortable because they are happy and feel sexy are what 2014 is all about.

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featuring audio from: ”each child is different,” “hotel voulez-vous”—miranda july, and lethal weapon

intro (mashup):
thirteen—big star
polish girl—neon indian
soco amaretto and lime—brand new
wake up—the arcade fire
and audio from lethal weapon, “each child is different,” and “hotel voulez-vous”

1. king of carrot flowers prt 1—neutral milk hotel
2. don’t let our youth go to waste—galaxie 500
3. paint the youth—lemuria
4. imaginary friend—telekinesis
5. aminals—baths
6. good kid—kendrick lamar
7. mother may i—the jealous girlfriends
8. we are all accelerated readers—los campesinos
9. esme—joanna newsom
10. never ending math equation—modest mouse
11. linus and lucy—the vince guaraldi trio
12. big kid table (daytrotter version)—thao nguyen

outro: “sliver” —nirvana

featuring audio from “the future,” milton batiste, and “active aging: home care choice”

intro mashup:
when i’m 64—the beatles
what’s my age again—graz (blink-182 cover)
well-respected man—the kinks
grown up—danny brown
audio from the breakfast club

1. don’t deny your inner child—the dead milkmen
2. tired enough—brave bird
3. offspring are blank—dirty projectors
4. our plans—cloud nothings
5. wonder years—real estate
6. dirty old man—the sonics
7. my girls—animal collective
8. fight this generation—pavement
9. neverending math equation— sun kil moon (modest mouse cover)
10. what’s my age again—blink-182
11. movie star— swearin’
12. grown up—danny brown
13. now that i’m older—sufjan stevens
14. the quiet things that no one ever knows —brand new
15. domestic scene—the radio dept.

outtro: “bald head”—professor longhair

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SIDE A (Alex’s side)

~~~features audio from Clerks and the ephemeral film You and Your Work—available from Archive.org~~~

Intro mashup, sampling:
God Damn Job—The Replacements,
Oh My God—the Kaiser Chiefs,
Breaking Away—Ratatat
The Art of Peer Pressure—Kendrick Lamar,
Independent Women part I—Destiny’s Child,
and audio from Clerks and You And Your Work

1. Employee of the Month—They Might Be Giants
2. Bossy—Kelis
3. Werkin’ Girls—Angel Haze
4. Take This Job and Shove It (Live)—Johnny Paycheck
5. Ransom Money Youth—James Drake (james blake/drake mashup)
6. Why Don’t You Do Right?—Lil Green
7. Coffee Break—Zeds Dead & Omar LinX
8. Actor Out of Work—St. Vincent
9. Rudie Can’t Fail—The Clash
10. Boss—The Screaming Females
11. Adrenaline Nightshift—Japandroids
12.  Custom Concern—Modest Mouse 
13. The Ice Miner—Leo Kottke
14. Magic Job— U.S. Maple
15. Work Song—Nina Simone

Outtro: This Boy is Exhausted (“You’ll Never Eat Fast Food Again” Drive-Thru records sampler version)—the Wrens

SIDE B (maya)

Sufjan Stevens - To the Workers of the Rock River Valley Region, I Have an Idea Concerning Your Predicament

Ramones - It’s Not My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)
Jane’s Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
Mark Knopfler - Boom, Like That
Belle & Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby
Dyan Thomas - In My Craft or Sullen Art
The Hives - A Little More for Little You
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Regiment
(french strike sound clip from youtube)
Thee Oh Sees - MT Work
(german lesson CD clip)
Pulp - Common People 
Bob Dylan - Maggie’s Farm
Indigo Girls - Hammer & a Nail
Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time 
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internet love poem

i love you a lot
i love you 2 lots
i love you so many lots
that if i were lot and u were my wife,
when u looked back, 
i would also look back
just 2 b salt w u

and that’s legit ~romantic~

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Why do the Japanese Draw Themselves as White?

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NOLA is so earnest and im such a little northern shit

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thursday morning

all the cars
like sharks
circling the parking lot

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